Denise Randall

Founder of Song Caravan, Event Creator and Producer

Denise Randall, affectionately referred to as "Red" by her friends and colleagues, was raised in Montclair, New Jersey.  Denise has completed three architecture degrees since graduating from Montclair High school in 1976.  Her first degree was an undergraduate BA in Architecture from Princeton 1980.  It was followed by a Master of Science from Columbia's School of Historic Preservation 1986. Lastly, she received a Master of Architecture degree from Yale in 1988. She puts this education to use, too, and has over the years, designed her own beach properties, with her husband Rod, continuing a tradition of construction first started by Rod's family. 

Red is also a talented painter and studio artist.

In 2006, Red began to engross herself in a new art form, music composition and performance, and has begun an intensive study at the New England Conservatory, focussing her studies on jazz and opera, and two instruments, voice and piano. Since 2013, she has taught music one day weekly for EBridge Montessori School in Westboro, Massachusetts.  With her team of jazz artists she has worked to complete the first part of her own opera, Fanahy Hira, which is currently in workshop mode.

Denise Randall coaches a middle school robotics team. She studies ballet and flamenco styles of dance.  And She is a deep thinking doer, maker and creator, a thought-provoker, and an engineer of creative ideas which she develops to make the world a better place to live. Denise Randall currently resides with her husband, Rod, in Hopkinton, Massachusetts,  and they have raised three children there. 

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Koby Sackey

Song Caravan, Art Director.

Kobina (Koby) Sackey has over 14 years of experience in design and project management. He is a graduate of Tulane University School of Architecture where he earned his Masters of Architecture. Sackey served as an associate at Snohetta, a top architecture firm in New York City, where he worked toward rebuilding the World Trade Center Site and also developed strong graphic and web design skills. Upon returning to New Orleans, Sackey worked for the City of New Orleans as an Energy Policy coordinator where he coordinated state and federal funding for energy related projects. Koby is currently the CEO of Redflare, LLC, a full service web and mobile development firm.