A Jazz Winter's Eve



Denise Randall Thumb

Denise "Red" Randall

Executive Producer, Singer & Songwriter, Dancer

Red Randall will be performing an original composition, "If you must go there," and performing modern dance as well. You can read more about Denise Red Randall here.

Dave Ramsay Quartet

A Jazz Quartet lead by Dave Ramsay Featuring guitarist Craig Hlady, bassist Bassist Greg Silva, And Drummer Randy Cloutier.


DAVE RAMSAY, PIANO.  Pianist Dave Ramsay combines stylistic versatility with an eclectic technique. He likes to draw on melodic lyricism as well as create angular, abstract improvisational lines.  Dave also employs an evocative chordal style, and uses a free and diverse sense of rhythm within his playing.


CRAIG HLADY, GUITAR. Craig Hlady is a highly versatile guitarist. He has a very creative melodic sensibility as well as a broad harmonic palette.  Craig's ensemble playing always adds an unique colorful element to the music.  His solos can range from subtle to ecstatic.


GREG SILVA, BASS. Bassist Greg Silva is equally at home with acoustic or electric bass.  He's a great supportive player and soloist. He possesses a tone on acoustic bass that is warm,  woody,  and full.  Greg can create solid, driving grooves, and also has exceptional melodic instincts. You can learn more about him on his website here.


RANDY CLOUTIER, DRUMS. Drummer Randy Cloutier plays with a creative sense of both rhythm and texture. His sensitive ensemble playing allows a band to have great dynamic range. Randy creates a broad spectrum of rhythms and sounds from his drum kit with seamless fluency.

Vincent Brewer, Dancer

modern improvisional dance

Vincent Brewer is unusually versatile dancer. He is both a gifted ballet and modern dancer.   For this unique show , Vincent will work in the modern jazz dance idiom while spearheading this show's focus on dance improvisation. Audiences discover that Vincent is the epitome of grace and strength with a genuine delightful personality that shines in his dancing. Audiences will most importantly see an amazingly imaginative and musically sensitive interpreter of jazz melody and rhythm. 

Vincent Brewer (Great Barrington, Massachusetts), trained with the Albany Berkshire Ballet and at Indiana University where he graduated with a B.S. in Ballet and Religious Studies in 2011 (honors). At Indiana University, Vincent danced the male leads in Valse Fantasie and Allegro Brilliante (Balanchine), Melancholic in The Four Temperaments (Balanchine) and in works by Ashton, Tudor, Nijinska, and Tharp. Vincent has danced with Eglevsky Ballet, performing Tarantella (Balanchine) and Flower Festival at Genzano (Bournonville), Tony Williams Ballet, performing Glinka Pas de Trois(Balanchine), with Dayton Ballet, The Suzanne Farrell Ballet (apprentice), and Festival Ballet Providence. He has performed works by Viktor Plotnikov and originated the role of Prince Ivan Tsarevitch in Lorraine Chapman's Firebird. 

You can view Vincent Brewer's ballet reel here.

Haley Kehoe Dancer

Haley Kehoe, Dancer


Haley Kehoe Attends Rhode Island College where she will be graduating this May 2017 with a bachelor's degree in dance.


Maureen McAnulty


Maureen began her dance training in Massachusetts and New York city. She continued her studies and performances until she opened up her own dance studio in 1998 where she taught dance to students ages 3 though adult. After 13 amazing years as a Studio owner she sold her business in 2011. She continues to teach dance at various studios and now has more time to create group and solo performance pieces for her students to perform at festivals and dance expos.